Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sage Spey Clinic on the Rogue with George Cook and The Ashland Fly Shop

Havin a good time on the Rogue spey style.

Will Johnson, the owner of The Ashland Fly Shop, rounded up 10 hungry Spey casters for a great class on the Upper Rogue.
George Cook, our NW Sage Rep, brought his "A Game" of instruction and humor. His knowledge of Spey casting, the history of it, and NW original cast, like the Snap-T, is unparalled.
I started the day with Spey basics. Then introduced the switch cast and single spey.
George did the Snap-T family of casts next. "You are the spey quarterback and you need to know when to audible", he says. You have to come to the Sandy River Spey Clave in May to hear the rest!

This is a spey rod and I am not afraid to use it!
George introduced the Double Spey before lunch. After the lunch coma, we switched to river right and reviewed all previous casts.
As the wind and rain moved in, Dax Messett (our celebrity guide guest) and I had a friendly casting competition. Without disclosing too much detail, let's just say it ended in a draw.
I did a quick Snake Roll demo next.
As the monsoon overtook us, we played a little game I like, the "what did I do wrong? game. I demonstrated some bad casting maneuvers and had the students indentify faults.
That didn't last too long (due to epic wetness and wind) and we called it a day.
Young Matt and I watching his D-Loop and Anchor. Important!
For more info on our upcoming classes and clinics, check out our website www.confluenceoutfitters.com
Come see George and I at the Sandy Spey Clave in May. We'll be in the Sage booth as well as doing river demos.
Hope to see you out there!

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