Monday, March 14, 2011

Klamathon Spey Del Fuego

We had another stellar Spey clinic on the Klamath last weekend. Craig Nielson of Shasta Trout organized our second Klamathon Lodge Spey weekend with the help of Jeff Putnam and Chris King. We had eight tough dudes who stuck it out during some challenging high water conditions. Our hosts and lodge owners John and Robin kept us well fed and entertained all weekend.

We had a great time with our dudes. How can you not have fun with guys like Murph, Dave Med, Gene, Bob, Steve, and Larry? They cast their asses off for two days in high water and at times mach winds. I didnt' see anyone fall in or hear anyone complain. Only saw one rod break and one fly stuck in a jacket. Now that's a solid group!

Pictured is Chris King giving his talk on the rules of spey casting. Some rules can be broken and some can't, he says. If you don't believe him, just ask him! Chris did tell us that he is always right! (That was an inside joke.)

Our guys were super into it and asked a bunch of great questions. We did our best to answer them and gave our persectives. Made for some lively discussion.

Charles Gehr of Fly Water Travel gave a cool presentation on Spey Destinations Saturdays night. Murph is the only guys who fell asleep during it. 7/8 isn't bad.

Med's wife made the instructors custom Buffs. We rocked them.


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